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Free Membership Includes

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Pro Membership Includes

  • All Free Membership options!
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  • Private Marketing Community, Forums and Groups
  • More! (Coming Soon, Training, bonus tools and resources!)

Free Leads For Your Business!

When you register for a FREE account we give you up to 100 leads, a combination of opt-in leads and visitors to your opportunity, from our site traffic, live as they are generated, to help you get started building your business.

Leads and traffic are the life blood of any business and with FTB we make them simple to get, just register and let our system go to work for you.

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Pre-Built Landing Pages

Marketing your business or opportunity online, isn’t easy for most people, web design, traffic generation, traffic analysis, software issues… the list goes on and on.

With FTB, your landing pages are all setup and ready to go, just post your links and watch the leads start to roll in. Or let our paid marketing campaigns do the work for you when you upgrade to a paid membership level.

It doesn’t get ANY easier!

Earn Bonus Leads and Traffic!

Earn bonus leads and visitors from FTB site traffic just by using the marketing system!

Simply use the landing pages we provide to earn bonus leads and traffic when you generate personal leads or members of site and also for raw traffic your links generate to the site.

Details on bonuses earned are posted in your FTB Dashboard.

FREE Online Team Building and Marketing System

Free Team Builder is a FREE online team building system to help you build your business in any affiliate program or business opportunity.

Currently we offer FREE accounts to promote the following programs:

  • 5 Minute Mogul
  • Brandonline365
  • Direct Life Global
  • Empower Network
  • EPX180
  • FTB Affiliate Program
  • Kannaway
  • Leafit
  • My Online Business Empire
  • MyFunLIFE
  • North American Power
  • Paid2Save
  • Q International
  • ICANetwork
  • Infinity 2 Global
  • The Advertising Net
  • Traffic Wave
  • Wake Up Now
  • More to be added! (Want to add a program to our system? Become a FTB Ambassador!)

Our system provides the following:

Free Members

  • Access to our lead generation and team building system
    • Pre Built Landing Pages
    • Lead management system
  • 100 Bonus leads, combo of opt-ins and visitors from our site traffic to help get you started!
    • Leads/Visitors are distributed randomly to our free members as they are generated
  • Ability to earn bonus leads and visitors from site traffic
    • When you generate leads with your personal links
    • When your leads upgrade to members
    • When you send traffic to the site using your links

Pro Members

  • Everything Free Members receive
  • Upgraded Landing Pages
    • Our highest converting landing pages are made available to our Pro Members
  • Receive leads and visitors from our marketing campaigns
    • Pro Members receive leads and visitors from our marketing, leads are distributed randomly to all Pro Members as they are generated from our various marketing campaigns
      • We do the marketing, keeping things simple for you!
      • We track the conversions and modify campaigns for maximum results!
  • More!

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*Leads are distributed randomly as generated from site traffic to all users, you are qualified to receive up to 100 leads, just for registering!  “Leads” are comprised of opt-in leads and visitors to your sign up links for the FTB promoted programs you participate in. There is no guarantee as to the time frame for delivery of the leads you receive when registering, this is dependent on site traffic, members and various other factors.

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